Ileana and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I are from a small island in Indonesia, we have known each other more than half our life, started when we’re 13, now 28. He was my first love, and first heart break.. We remain good friend, still hang out together with our big group of friends even when we studied abroad after high school we still keep in contact and make sure we get to see each other when we’re back home every year. Years passed, we both been in long term relationship with other people, different times, never cross our mind to try and mend old broken romance even tough we’re both sure we liked each other back then.

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In 2011, I had a chance to visit Sydney where he’s based for work and as a thrill seeker I wanted to skydive and ask if he would take me, he was a little hesitant at fist but he did it anyway. We went to a town outside Sydney, spent the weekend there. He arranged and booked everything, We had such great fun! That’s when & where everything started… AGAIN! 2 months later he asked me if I’d move to Sydney. 5 months later I did and we’ve been together ever since!

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how they asked

We were half way through our 3 weeks long Europe trip and visiting Santorini has been on top of my bucket list for the longest time. I planned most of the trip myself as Eric prefer it that way. First half of the trip was quite intense so I left the itinerary blank for Santorini just to chillax. When we were there he said he wanting to take me around plan stuffs for us to do because he feels bad about me planning everything for the trip and he wished to help. So I agreed.

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On the second day, late afternoon, he said we’re going on a walk, I found this pretty spot to watch the sunset, small chapel on top of a hill overlooking OIA that no one knows about. Sound awesome! But we ended up having trouble finding the place and almost missed the sunset, we got lost, walking off the tracks, thorny path and when we finally found the spot we’re looking for it turn out to be a hiking trail, and there were people around. I didn’t care as I don’t know what was about to happened. We got to the chapel sat there waiting for the sunset, and there were another couple joining us to watch the sunset together. Now that I think about it, he did seem a little uneasy. Anyway turnout it was a little cloudy just above the horizon and we didn’t get to see the spectacular Santorinian sunset.. I suggested we start heading down before it’s dark, it was also bit windy. But he kept saying we should stay longer.. I am glad we did, because the sunset wasn’t spectacular, because the wind was blowing so strongly, people started leaving and next thing we know it was just the two of us there.

He played our special song, and I sat there soaking in all the goodness, where I was in life, I am happy, I was so thankful and overwhelmed I felt so lucky to have him by my side right there in then. As I looked over he was looking at me the way I’ve always dreamed of, I started tearing. He found me crying amusing, he start laughing and filming using a gopro.. While I was in tears, he started telling me things, about of how we made it so far, how he always knew I was the one since he asked me to move to Sydney to be with him, and most part of it was because he stared freaking out thinking if he didn’t ask then I would’ve married someone else and he had to be there and witness it. Right then he knew.. And said he has always been ready, and he think this is the time… the time to replace the infinity ring he gave me 4 years ago. Only then I realised he is about to do “it” and totally wasn’t expecting I said “IS THIS FOR REAL!?”. He said yes, I called your dad..

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After that there was the big moment, seems like a massive blur, he stood up, down on one knee and ask me the magic 3 words. ILEANA, WILL YOU MARRY ME and pull out the prettiest ring! I was sobbing so hard, just barely make up a *sobs* YES!

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The moment couldn’t be better! The song finishes when we kissed, and the most majestic sunset shine through with beams of lights through the clouds… I am glad he waited I am glad he did it the way he did. :)

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The path symbolises our struggles and challenges in the relationship, it’s not going to be easy, but as long as we’re both willing to keep trying together, the view on top will be worthwhile. He even recorded phone call conversation with my parents!! I’m sooo lucky!!