Ilana and Daniel

How We Met

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It took 11 years for our fairytale to bloom, but I could not have asked for a more extraordinary happily ever after. Daniel and I met in high school, grade 9 to be exact. I had just touched upon my “awkward” stage, braces, unruly hair, newly acquired glasses and not to mention my wardrobe was awful. I didn’t know much about Dan, he was quiet, had bleach blonde hair and rarely seemed to be at school. The first time I met Dan was in grade 9 french class. He sat down not too far from me with this bleach blonde hair and didn’t speak a word. This was pretty much consistent until about the 3rd or 4th week of classes, where he asked for my MSN and added me on the chat later that evening. I would talk to him every night over MSN after school, but he just did not seem right for me at the time. I always pushed him away, looking past him at the other boys in school who were of course all completely wrong for me, but I had to try it out for myself. Everyone knew Dan had the biggest crush on me, and honestly I felt the same towards him, but for whatever reason I was not ready to end my boy journey there. I knew deep down Dan was the one, and this feeling never passed. Throughout the next four years of high school, countless boyfriends and brace-free teeth, Dan was the only consistency I had. No matter what was going on in my life, Dan was always there. He was there after every heart-break, every new job, he took on my attitude and constantly begged me to go to breakfast, the movies, dinner you name it he offered, yet I held off and kept him in the dreaded “friend zone”. As I went off to University, Dan went off to the army but it didn’t end there. The talking never ceased, he let me know that it was against the rules for him to have his phone but he couldn’t live without talking to me, so he snuck it under his pillow every night to text me. Dan tried many relationships but they never worked out because he openly admitted that they weren’t me, and he just simply would not be happy with anyone that was not me. He expressed his love and feelings for me on a daily basis, and dealt with my constant rejection on his part. Dan was my drug, I tried so hard to run but I was never able to get far enough before I had to get my fix of him. Again, throughout countless relationships on both sides, we always found each other in the midst of it all. I knew I loved him from the moment I saw his bleach blonde hair in grade 9 french class but I never acted or acknowledged it earlier. One summer day I caved, I told Dan I loved him and I wanted this more than anything. I told him how sorry I was for making him wait 11 years, but I would spend my lifetime making it up to him. He was always there, he was the one I always ran back to, he stayed for 11 years, he never gave up hope that one day I would be his, he was my soulmate. I thought I had it all, but with him I had more. We started dating September 2014, and I never looked back.

how they asked

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I have this child-like obsession with mini-golfing, glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing specifically. Dan and I went a few months ago with my best friends, whom have become Dan’s best friends as well. We had a great time giggling, and flashing our white tees in the black lighting. I was craving a return visit ever since, so Dan planned to take me last week. I wanted to go with our friends that we went with the previous time but they mentioned they were heading to the cottage that weekend and were unable to attend. Even though I wanted our original group there for a second round, I accepted his offer and we went for a Friday evening Mini-Golf outing. The snow was heavy making for rough driving conditions but Dan insisted we still maintain our plans. When we got to the location I noticed there was not 1 person around us, I didn’t think much of it and we began putting, laughing, dancing and competing for the top spot on our score card. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary or suspicious until the third last hole when our song “Mean to Me” by Brett Eldredge came on. This suddenly got my heart pumping, it immediately caught my attention because the music went from Rap straight to Country music. Although our song was blasting through the speakers, Dan didn’t flinch at all and just kept playing, because of this I talked myself out of any proposals that I thought were coming. On the second last hole as our song replayed, I finally hit my ball into the hole. I noticed that it keep rolling out and not remaining in, I bent down and that is when I saw the ring box placed precisely within the hole. Before I knew it my three best friends that were supposed to be at the cottage came behind me holding these beautifully made ‘Will you marry me” signs. As my breath was pulled from my lungs and with my heart beating faster than it ever has, my happily ever after got down on one knee, pulled the ring out and asked me to be his forever. Our fairytale was 11 years in the making, but that is nothing in comparison to the lifetime we will be spending together.

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