Ilana and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I met over 4 years ago while working together at World of Beer in Fort Myers, Florida. My first impressions of Austin were that he was a very condescending and abrasive guy. Over time we began to hang out a lot more after our shifts and outside of work as well. I began to see a whole different side of him and as time went on I found myself falling for him. About 3 months after we began to hang out Austin asked me to be his girlfriend! A year into dating we decided pack up all our belongings and our 2 dogs and make our move to Colorado. Now living in Colorado almost 3.5 years we have 3 dogs, a lovely home, and our relationship has become stronger than ever. Austin is my best friend, my companion, my adventure partner, and my support system. I love him more than I could ever describe and I am so thankful we found each other when we did.

how they asked

This proposal was something that I was not expecting in the slightest when it went down. Austin and I had just celebrated our 4-year anniversary on December 19th and went to see the nutcracker showing in downtown Denver. The night was so magical; we thoroughly enjoyed the show and had some delicious food and cocktails before heading back home for the night. I had assumed that because it was our anniversary and he hadn’t asked me to marry him that night, that it probably wasn’t going to happen for a while. Soon after our anniversary, Austin’s parents arrived in town for the holidays. The morning of Christmas Eve we woke up and Austin told me I could unwrap my Christmas stocking. Almost immediately after that my mom and sister called me on FaceTime (which I didn’t think anything of because they live in FL, us in CO and we video chat pretty often). As I begin to unwrap my stocking, Austin and his dad took our 3 dogs outside (which I also thought nothing of because we have a large yard and the dogs were being rambunctious). I pull out the last item in my stocking and look up to see Sheela, our oldest dog, come inside with a sign around her neck that said “Will”. Once I saw that, I lost it. Following her were the other 2 dogs with the words “You” and “Marry” around their necks. Austin, with the final sign that said “Me”, then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Between the mounds of tears that were streaming down my face, I said YES!

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