Ignacio and Anna

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How We Met

We met our freshman year of college in Texas. Thing is, I am from Mexico City, and she’s from Spokane, Washington. We had a couple classes together, but after the first semester she switched majors. We kept in touch and started dating. We have been dating all through college.

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How They Asked

This is our senior year and Anna is enrolled in the ROTC program so after graduation she will be sent to a post with the army so the summer before school started, I got a ring with the help of her little sister. I went to visit her in Spokane after her training and brought the ring with me. I made a wooden box for it. On my last day there, because I had to go back to Texas for work, we had plans to go out for dinner and a stand-up comedy show she had been dying to see.

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I had planned for a short intermission between dinner and the show, to go to the city’s lookout to propose. Had my drone ready, her little sister and cousin hidden and ready to take the pictures, but dinner got delayed so it got too dark for the drone and when we got there and I got down on one knee, my future sister-in-law’s camera didn’t work so it was all me and her for the proposal and after she said yes we had to recreate the pictures!

The first one is a selfie titled, “She said no, but she likes the ring so she’s keeping it,” that we took later that night to send to my family in Mexico to share the news with them.

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