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They say man proposes, God disposes, no pun intended, and I believe that is the perfect description of our engagement story. My fiancé, Gadi had been together over a year and a half; I was getting ready to finish my residency program, move to a new city and well figure out what next. We had planned to celebrate my completion of residency with an eight day Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. We had been planning this trip for months and I was very excited as it was my first time on a cruise. Gadi also had big plans on this cruise. For months, he had been subtly asking questions to get an idea of the type of ring I would like with plans of proposing on one of our island stops, Curacao.

Our vacation started off with us almost missing our cruise since our flight to Florida was delayed due to torrential rain. And I mean monsoon type rain. As we sat on the plane on the airport tarmac waiting for the weather to clear, I kept thinking to myself, “I hope we don’t miss this boat.” Fortunately, the rain cleared a bit and we were finally able to take off. We arrived safely in Florida, and made our way to our cruise ready to start this adventure. We were both excited to travel, enjoy the open seas, beautiful islands, and new cultures for the next week. Gadi was excited and nervous since he had even bigger plans.

We got to our first cruise stop on the island of Grand Turks and Caicos excited to take in the beautiful, pristine ocean and explore the island. We decided the best way to take it all in was via an ATV tour. It started off as a nice tour with multiple stops by the beach, by shops to look around, take pictures and purchase souvenirs. As we were rounding up our tour and heading back to our cruise port, our planned vacation took a detour. While driving down a bumpy road, our ATV flipped on the side and Gadi broke his clavicle in 2 places which took us both to the hospital. At the hospital we made sure to contact our cruise officials to let them know where we were and keep them updated about our progress at the hospital. After much delay, we finally finished at the hospital, ready to get back on board our cruise and continue our vacation only to find out the cruise ship had left us. Yup, we were stranded on a foreign island with all our items and possessions aboard the ship which had sailed off to its next stop without us, without any warning. Like I said man proposes, God disposes right? Evidently, it was not in God’s plan that Gadi propose during our cruise getaway.

This was hardly the way I imagined my first cruise experience would be, stranded on a foreign island with my now fiancé, but looking back it was this experience that showed us that well if we could survive this, then we can survive anything. We never made it to Curacao, and I never got my proposal on the Queen Emma bridge in Curacao (Gadi later told me this was his original plan). But about 2 weeks after we got back home, on U.S soil, Gadi popped the question at the birthday party I had planned for him! Looking back on that vacation experience, we can only laugh at how much planning we both put into it (me – I had planned all my outfits, hair styles etc because I hoped this would be the moment he proposed), and him researching iconic places on each island that would be perfect for the big question. Being left in Grand Turks showed us that in life and marriage, you never know what tomorrow may bring, but I have the best adventure partner, who sticks by my side through it all. Together we made it through curveballs thrown at us, and well figured a way back to the mainland.”

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