Ieka and Walter

How We Met

I was working as a bartender at a friend,Daiquiri Shop,One day Walter came through the door and he just took my attention,I like to smile a lot,but I just was smiling down the minute he entered the place,so he came to order a beer (Corona) and a shot of (Patron) and he sat at the bar,so I kept smiling and trying to keep conversation going,so after that day he kept stopping by and one day we exchange numbers and that was history after that!!!

how they asked

I had a dinner party with my mom,and girlfriends,as we was talking I see some of my friends stand up in my front view,smiling hard and my best friend begin to scream,so I turned around and I see 3 of his friends with hand made sign(made my him)reading WILL YOU MARRY ME? And I see my fiancé Walter in front me on one knee.