Idalis and Miguel

Idalis and Miguel's Engagement in Miguel graduation party that I had planned

How We Met

My whole life changed the year 2012 when I met this special person at the age of 14. My very first love whom I will be marrying.

how they asked

So this is how it all went down the day of the proposal. I had five months planning Miguel graduation party. I wanted this to be the very best party because he was graduating from his bachelors in electrical engineering. He had been working so hard to achieve this goal and I am a witness. May 19 was finally Miguel graduation day we attend his graduation early morning I was just so excited/ emotional to see him walk it was a very special moment. A few hours later his graduation party would start I was running around like crazy and getting last minute things and calling people. I was nervous wanted all to come out perfect for him. I gave my bestie which was the host the schedule of what will happen during the graduation party and there was a part where Miguel would take a moment to sing a song while playing the piano a song of appreciation to God.

At that moment my bestie which was the host tells me “let’s go get Miguel present the one you got him now it’s a good time to get it, I forgot to bring it in” I was so mad because I had told her to bring it in but it was all part of the plan. I was yelling at my bestie and her husband telling them why didn’t you guys bring it in? “It’s raining out my feet hurt and to make the story even better they parked the car so far. But it was all part of the plan to set everything up.

When I came back inside with the gift finally on my hands, I opened the door and there was the man of my dream singing to me and the people that I loved, I couldn’t believe it I came to realize what was going on when I saw the big sign “Idalis WILL YOU MARRY ME?” it was like if I was dreaming.

I was so focused on surprising him and that all would come out perfect for him and yet I didn’t know I was the one that was going to get surprised. Also to mention he had a few months of brainwashing me and saying comments to make me forget about getting married but yet it was all part of the plan, he had this planned long ago. All came out perfect and I am just so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams my first love.

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