Ice Skating Rink Proposal

ice skating proposal
How we Met: Brendan and I met 15 years ago…in seventh grade! My best friend and his best friend are brother and sister so we shared several memories throughout our younger years. In fact, we went to middle school, high school and college together.  The funny thing is, neither of us ever thought about dating during any of those times. It wasn’t until 2010 when I was applying for a job at a local catering company that we ran into each other again. Brendan was having lunch at the restaurant when he spotted me and said hello and we started chatting (mind you we hadn’t seen each other for years). I got the job with the catering company, and we began seeing each other much more frequently. Weekly turned into daily, and before we knew it we were falling in love.


how they asked: The proposal was unlike anything I could have ever guessed. Brendan began by telling me were all (my family and his) going ice skating to support Lazarex Cancer Foundation, his mom’s charity. Thinking nothing of it, I treated the day as if it was exactly that – a fun day of ice skating for a good cause.  About an hour into skating, Brendan put a homemade sign (that he made) around my neck that said “I love my boyfriend.”

Ice Skating Rink Proposal


skating proposal

Confused, I, of course, laughed and replied, ”I sure do” and continued skating. Then I periodically started receiving white roses from different family members…eleven of them to be exact. Coming up from behind, Brendan then presented me with the twelfth rose. It was red. He started telling me how much he loves me and appreciates me and then started to skate away. Now I was really confused. He blurted out that he forgot something as he skated back over to me (mind you the entire family and skating rink is watching). He got down on one knee, in ice skates, on the ice, and asked me to marry him. So surprised, it took me a few seconds to process what was happening and then immediately replied with an enthusiastic “YES!”

ice skating rink marriage proposal




Photos by Orange Blossom Photography