Brittney and Derek's Ice Rink Proposal

Image 1 of Brittney and Derek's Ice Rink ProposalHow We Met: Derek and I met in high school and we were both 15 years old at the time. He was on the hockey team and I was on the Pom-Pom squad. I always knew I would fall in love with a hockey player and as it turned out, he is the perfect one for me. As the years went on, we just kept on getting to know each other and that made us realize how much we were actually meant for each other. I do believe that everyone has a soulmate and I am so happy to have found mine at such a young age. Over the ten years that we have been together we have come to just fit into each other’s lives perfectly and it has made us into the people who we are today. I am glad that I can say I’ve had the chance to grow up with my one true love.

how they asked: So my mom’s birthday was coming up and I knew she loved New York City and I wanted to take her there for a day of shopping. We picked a day that was perfect for the whole family to go, but little did I know that Derek had been planning big proposal behind my back for quite some time. Derek and I have been dating for 10 years (we are high school sweethearts) and I always told him that I knew when he would propose. I was very wrong about that. We got into the city and did some shopping, but all day Derek was avoiding me. I would go near him, he would walk away. I just thought he was mad at me. We got to Bryant park and skated for about a half an hour until they asked everyone to get off the ice so they could clean it. Derek was taking his time and I kept saying “let’s go, we have to get off the ice!” As soon as I skated towards the exit, my favorite song started to play and Derek got down on one knee in front of about 500 people and asked me to marry him. I was in absolute shock!! All I could think of was is this really happening? After he proposed, and I said yes (obviously!) we had to take a lap around the rink! I then found out that he had hired a photographer who was taking pictures of us the whole time. I was so amazed by how much planning and thought went into the proposal. What happened that night is what every little girl dreams about and I am so happy to have lived in my own fairy tale.

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Photography by Blue Daisy Weddings