Ica and Tim - A Serenade on Video... AMAZING!!

How We Met: Tim and my parent’s went to college together in the Philipines but we didn’t know each other until we were set up as dates to a formal in college by my best friend and his sister.

We hit it off since day one and we’ve been best friend’s ever since.

how they asked: On New Years Eve this past December 2011, Tim and I were headed out to meet my family for our New Year’s Eve party. He told me we had “one more stop to make”. He turned into a little shopping area that we call our place and I started crying instantly.

He took me to “our bench,” where we have shared so many special moments in our relationship, and asked if we could pray. As soon as we finished praying, thanking God of the year we had, and praying for our future, I opened my eyes and there was a camera and a guitar. Just as I imaged he would, he wrote me a beautiful song, one of the many he’s written me in our years of dating and asked me to be his wife.

Videography by Moustache Motion. Ica is also a photographer, herself – check it out!