Ibayar and Benjamin

How We Met

Ebay’s version: A funny story about us is we had the same Pre-K teacher but I had the morning class while Ben went in the afternoon. We could have met even earlier lol! We officially met in 8th grade in our math class. Ben was the unofficial tutor because our teacher was hard. I would go to him for tutoring to keep my grade up and that’s how we became friends. Fast forward to 9th grade, we had even more classes together. We talked for about 9 months before he asked me out on origami rose that I still have. I remember saying to him let me think about it since I saw him as a really good friend and I didn’t want the friendship to get ruined. I said yes at the end of the day but also thinking the relationship wouldn’t last longer than summer break… boy was I wrong! I went on to college first which then began our 6 years of long-distance. We did see each other for breaks but it was never long enough.

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Ben’s version: We started dating freshman year and I honestly didn’t know if she liked me or not when we first started going out. I knew she was pretty and all of our friends knew we were flirting and called us out on it. They would shout “doesn’t Ebay look pretty Ben?” or draw us holding hands whenever she would stop by my class. Fast forward and I asked her with a rose and I was awkward about it because I honestly didn’t know what she would say. What I remember the most about our relationship and the turning point for me was when I realized I loved her. We were celebrating our 6th month anniversary, and we were walking around the boardwalk talking. She eventually brought up that she wanted to graduate early, and my heartfelt heavy and uncomfortable. I asked her again about it and had the same feeling. When I got home that night I thought about it and realized I didn’t want her to be gone from my life. That I loved her; it felt weird because I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be with her and wasn’t sure how long distance would work. But from that day, I realized that I never really wanted to lose her or see her go. I love her for so much more now and can’t wait to continue our lives together.

My Mom’s phone had horrible quality…

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mount Bonnell

How They Asked

SO fast forward 8 years and 3 days later. We both have spring break off so we planned on going to Austin to go celebrate school almost being over. We both had a busy morning with errands to do. Ben comes and picks me up from my house to go off on our adventure. I’m in the car studying for my certification test while also holding Ben’s hand. Unknowingly, I would occasionally hit the ring box but thought it was his wallet. We stop about halfway to get a snack and that when Ben switched the box to the other leg. We keep driving and I’m busy studying. WE get to his family friend’s house to drop off some things and play with their cute doggo. We finally get to our Airbnb and I get distracted by the two cats that live there. Ben kept saying “we need to go meet Clarke” but I just wanted to play with the cats. He lets me continue playing with the cats until I finally decide to get ready. I throw on a dress and bring a pair of shoes with me. I do my makeup in the car cause I don’t want to keep Clarke waiting any longer. We get to our destination and eat “pre-dinner” snacks. After hanging out for a bit, we all go to Mount Bonnell as planned. Ben is driving and says “There’s a lot of cars”. I’m too busy trying to fix my hair and redo my lip gloss to pay much attention to what was going on outside the car.

The guy in the blue shirt, THANK YOU for being happy for us!

We both didn’t realize there was a photographer in the background…

I decide not to wear the shoes I brought and Ben asked me about it. I was too lazy to change my shoes. Ben is in front of Clarke and I going up the stairs. Clarke and I were so winded climbing those stairs which are crazy for both of us since we run. Anyways, we get to the top of the stairs and Ben says out loud “There’s a lot of people”. I respond with “Of course there is. It’s sunset”. I wasn’t understanding why Ben was shocked that there were a lot of people. So, Clarke starts to take our pictures cause I’ve been wanting sunset pictures. Halfway through, I say “I’m going to take my nail off” and go up to Clarke to show her. She and Ben both say not to do that until after the pictures. SO we keep taking pictures and Ben goes “do you want to do the pose to piss people?” I’m like sure so I close my eyes and stick out my right arm. I didn’t realize he really was getting down onto his knee until I open my eyes and see him with the ring box pointing towards him lol. I’m still thinking its a joke but start to get nervous cause we never did this prank pose in public.

He then flips the box over and I’m stunned. I start to cry and ask “are you serious?”. The people in the back start to cheer for us. Clarke is still taking pictures cause she knew what was happening the whole time.

Ben’s best man took this photo

Special Thanks

Clarke Moore
 | Photographer