Ian and Michelle

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how we met

Ian and I went to Michigan State together, running in similar groups of friends but never actually becoming friends. We don’t even remember officially meeting in our 4 years together at MSU, but know we spent time at each other’s houses with the other’s roommates.

Skip ahead a few years later… In June of 2013, I was preparing to leave my job in New York, where I had moved immediately out of College. In my last week at my job, my Boss mentioned she had a cousin in Detroit and wanted to set me up. She mentioned Ian’s name and I quickly dismissed her suggestion, claiming, “I knew him in college, he isn’t my type.”

Although Ian is originally from Minneapolis, he moved to Detroit in early 2013. When I began interviewing for a new job, I found myself at the same company as him. I felt very confident at my first interview and walked right up to him and said, “Your cousin was my boss in New York! She wanted to set us up! Isn’t that funny?”
About a month into my new job, we began dating, or as he likes to say it, he “woo’d” me. We kept our relationship as quite as possible since we were working very closely together, in fact, our desks at work were directly across from each other, so much where we could play footsie. We thought we had fooled the entire office and no one knew our little secret, but we were certainly wrong (but at least we had a handful of supporters!) Nearly 3 years, 2 jobs, a new home and a puppy later…

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how they asked

It was a Friday night and we were headed out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, which also happens to be where we had our first date. Ian had requested that we detour on our way to dinner so he could show me this neighborhood he recently discovered on a bike ride. This is not out of the ordinary… he does this all the time. We pulled up to a dock over a small lake, where he suggested we go to look at the view. As we were walking he began his proposal and dropped to one knee.

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We continued to head to our dinner to celebrate and I was surprised to see all of our parents, siblings and some grandparents from all around the US (Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York). It was the most surprising, overwhelming and amazing night ever!

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