Kelsey and Ian

Image 1 of Kelsey and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I met on December 31, 2012 at a New Years party. I went into the party with no intention of meeting anyone and just enjoying the night. I drove 7 hours with friends to be there and Ian drove about 5. The party was hosted by a few mutual friends, one of which was Ian’s best friend since they were 4. Long story short I gave him a hard time throughout the night and for whatever reason he decided he liked me. Later on he and I talked a bit and hit it off. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Ian and I had talked about getting married and how we would want to have our wedding for a while. Something we have always loved is taking long motorcycle rides around Berkshire County in the fall. The foliage is beautiful and it is incredibly peaceful. We decided to take a ride and stop for some breakfast first. After a delicious meal at one of our favorite spots we got got back onto the bike and rode for a while. About an hour later we arrived at Mt. Greylock (the highest point in Massachusetts). The views were incredible the entire way up and I have never been there before so it was a really great day to just be out and take in the beautiful landscape around us. Finally when we arrived at the top, I was freezing! It was unseasonably cold and I had naturally forgot my riding gloves. He and I walked around a bit to warm up and just looked out onto the rolling hills covered in oranges and reds. Eventually he took my hand and walked off to the side where there weren’t so many people. He is quiet and I knew whenever he did propose he would do it in a low key and relatively private way. We sat down and just took in the crisp air. Eventually he looked at me and said “So I was thinking maybe we could go to Ithaca and maybe Taya (his friend who helped host the party) could come with us and that maybe he could marry us?” He then pulled the most beautiful ring I had ever seen out of his jacket pocket. It isn’t the most typical proposal I suppose but it was very us. It was everything I loved about him and our relationship in one perfect day. I feel so incredibly lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams and truly my best friend.

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