Ian and Jessie

Ian and Jessie's Engagement in Melbourne, Australia

How We Met

The entire story is laid out in the video, but we were both student athletes at the same college and met after I attended one of Jessie’s volleyball games.

Proposal Ideas Melbourne, Australia

how they asked

I’m a content creator so I knew I wanted to propose with the help of some visual media and since we had been dating for just over five years at the time of this trip, I had a lot of amazing content to use for a video. I coordinated a trip to wine country outside of Melbourne, Australia (where we were on a trip to celebrate our five year anniversary) and worked with the Tarra Warra Estate winery to find the perfect place and time to propose. While I was planning this, I was finishing the video of Jessie while I was traveling for work and then choreographed the proposal presentation. The video I created was loaded onto an iPad at the winery and the man leading our tasting presented it to Jessie and said. “Here’s a little video about the vineyard and the wine making. It’s a new thing that we’re doing, but I hope you’ll enjoy it!” Then she took it and started watching!

The element of magic that really got her was that I had actually left a couple of blank spots in the video for me to add clips in from the trip we were on, so when she saw the final video, there was content in there that I had shot less than 24 hours ago and it really surprised her.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Dan Platt
 | Planning
Dan Platt
 | Videographer