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How We Met

Image 1 of Ian and Alyssia | His and Her SideGrowing up, Ian and I both went to Everett High School where we knew of each other from mutual friends. My sister once mentioned how he thought I was cute, but I never thought twice about it and, in fact, I heard he was a “ladies man” and always had a girlfriend or someone he was talking too. We hung out a couple of times with mutual friends, but never really talked to each other directly other then the quick questions like ” hi” and “how are you?” I was not into the whole boyfriend thing, I was just into being single as it was my senior year. However, we both ended up at a mutual friend’s New Years Eve party that year and we had quite the “heart to heart” together. I was trying to dig into who his recent love interest was for a mutual friend who thought he was cute. but turns out a couple days later he contacted one of my best friends asking to speak to me since he didn’t have my number. We chatted through her and later he asked for it. I just figured he would be just a new friend to talk to since he was so sweet about our “heart to heart” we had at the party recently. From there we just talked on the phone every night for hours and became best friends.
The Marriage Proposal; Her Side:

Ian proposed on Christmas day of 2010. We had been dating at the time for close to our 4 years so I was no doubt trying to send him subliminal messages on rings I liked. I would walk into the windows at the jewelry stores and point out rings. It wasn’t until he actually told me we could go ring shopping and I had been kicked out of one of the stores store so “the boys can talk” that I actually got cold feet and sent him many, many texts telling him not to buy any rings that night. I just wanted to make sure he was ready.

A month later Ian asked me to take a weekend off in January so I figured that would be the weekend he would ask. I was so excited that it was coming! I tried to be reeeaalllllyy sneaky and go through his emails if he was logged in on the computer and receipts to see if he actually bought it. He was too good for me – I found no trace of anything ever! On Christmas Eve while packing up the car, I noticed a big box that was wrapped poorly (his wrapping SUCKS) and asked him who was it for? He simply replied we had to take it up north and it was something his mom had him wrap for a family member. I didn’t think twice put it in the car and we went on our way. It wasn’t until we got home that night after eating dinner I realized the box was under our tree and thought how weird it was because I was sure we packed that to go up north.

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After he came downstairs he told me I could open up my gift which was this huge box under the tree. I had no idea what it could be. As I opened it I realized the boxes where just getting smaller and smaller and…..smaller. Finally I got to the last box that could hold my camera I had been asking for and before I could even get the box open he grabbed it out of my hand and said “here I’ll open that.” I never even noticed once he was on one knee the majority of the time I was opening the boxes. As he turns the box back to me I see a little shake in his hand and then see my ring and hear the words that I had been waiting for all along “Will you marry me? ”

I was so excited I jumped up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss saying “can I call my mom?!” forgetting to even say yes! Ian asks “soooo is that a yes?” ….of course! I shouted. I was totally taken by surprise and didn’t expect to receive the best Christmas present of my life – my future husband!

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The Marriage Proposal; His Side:
I held onto the ring for two months before I even asked. After purchasing the ring and putting forth some thinking, I decided I was going to ask her Christmas night. I knew it would throw her off and she wouldn’t expect it on a holiday since I asked her to take a weekend off in January – I knew that’s what she was expecting. I decided I was going to make her work for it so a couple weeks before Christmas I wrapped a huge box and filled it with smaller boxes leading to the one that would contain the ring. I knew the ring box couldn’t be that small because she had been asking me for a camera so if I kept the box big enough to hold a camera she would still think that she was getting, her camera.

That Christmas Eve we packed up the car to take our presents up north. To avoid the fact she may think it was hers I told her to grab that present and put it in the car, saying it was a gift my mom bought for a family member. After Christmas with all of the families we returned home grabbing Chinese food since we forgot to get groceries the day before. While she went up stairs for something I quickly took the box out of the car and placed it under the tree. We were both not feeling the Chinese food so we threw it away and I ran upstairs to the bathroom to “pep talk myself” to make sure I could stay calm and collected while getting ready to ask her the biggest question of our lives.

I went back downstairs and told her that she could open her gift that was under the tree. She took the big box opened it and as the boxes got smaller and smaller, I took the last one out of her hand before she could open it and I was kneeling on the floor. I turned the smallest box holding the ring back to her and asked her the big question “will you marry me?”

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