Joanna and Andrew's "I Choose You" Proposal

I had originally thought of this idea about 6 months ago as I knew Joanna was a big fan of Sara Bareilles (who isn’t?) and her song “I Choose You.” Brainstorming more, it also provided the perfect opportunity to get all family and friends involved that play such a crucial role in our everyday lives.

After 2 months of carefully planning the creation of this video, I was able to convince Joanna that we should do a “date night” and spend the evening at a nearby hotel that we really enjoy. It was no easy task to get her to agree but with promises of a breakfast buffet the following morning, she could no longer resist. Once we finished up a delicious dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, I suggested we head downstairs to the “Chocolate Tasting” that the hotel staff mentioned to us at check-in ;) As we walked into one of the meeting rooms, Joanna was able to see the set-up that included two comfy chairs, her favorite flowers (Ranunculus), and a TV with her name across the screen…

During the video, there were some laughs that quickly turned to tears as she fully realized the extent of what was going on. The video concluded and I got down on one knee, took out the ring (which I had to wear multiple layers to hide) and asked Joanna to marry me – which of course she said yes.

After we were able to truly enjoy the entirety of the moment, I suggested we leave the room and when Joanna opened the door, all 35+ family members and friends involved in the proposal video were waiting to surprise her! Many congratulations, hugs, and smiles later – the full group went back into the room where the video was made public for the first time and everyone was able to see how all the pictures they sent over in the previous months had finally come together. My goal was to do something so incredibly unique that Joanna would remember forever, and I know we certainly accomplished that!