Hwei and Bryan

How We Met

Hwei Yeen and I were in our university’s student management committee where I was the vice president and she was the treasurer. While overseeing the operations of the events organised, I created a new event to plan and execute alone with her because I found her cute. We got to know each other better and started playing games and having late-night calls after our online meetings.

How They Asked

I had an entire powerpoint presentation created, you may view it here. We had a team of 16 people consisting of our friends and family to give Hwei Yeen this surprise marriage proposal. Due to schedule constraints, not everyone can meet for the briefing, thus a virtual set of instructions was sent out!

Since we met in school, I wanted to propose to Hwei Yeen on the last day of our university days which is on the graduation ceremony. We did it in our gowns with our friends and family surrounding us as blessings.

Our Video