Hunter and Victoria's Puppy Proposal

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How we met

Hunter and I have known each other since middle school and actually met when I was spending the day with his younger sister. Much to her dismay, at some point during the day he asked me to take a walk on a trail on their parents’ property and I agreed. At the end of the trail was a beautiful canopy with sunlight glistening in behind the leaves where we talked for an hour or so. I remember during that day I could not stop smiling or laughing and I would have stayed and talked all afternoon but I could only last an hour as I was getting eaten up by mosquitos! We proceeded to date throughout middle and high school and then reconnected again in college when he made a surprise trip from Knoxville to Charleston to see me.

how they asked

Hunter had been suggesting for weeks that we should go see some of the historical houses and sites in Tennessee since we both enjoy history. On Sunday May 22nd he suggested we visit Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill about half an hour north of our hometown. He picked me up after church and we left in time to make a 1: 30 tour. The tour lasted about an hour and the house ended up being gorgeous with a long, rich history. It was about that time that my hunger began to transition into starvation since he had asked if we could forego lunch until we finished the tour, but he convinced me to walk around the grounds with him.

We walked around the grounds and took a few pictures in front of the house and then walked over by the sunroom and sat on the steps. We talked for a few minutes about the tour and where we wanted to eat and then, all of the sudden, a woman walked out from behind a brick wall adjacent to the house walking a chocolate Labrador puppy.

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My initial thought was, “oh cool they have puppies here” but then as the woman began to walk towards me I realized that the puppy was mine and I saw the ring attached to the collar! It was also at this time that I looked up and noticed that all of our family was watching and his sister was recording the proposal.

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After we had a little trouble untying the ring, he got down on one knee and proposed. I have no idea what he said and had a plan to make him ask me twice just like I made him do the first time he asked me out in middle school but I couldn’t get out “I do” quick enough!

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After we took pictures on the property with our families, he explained how he had planned the whole thing and how perfect everything had worked out for us. I’m still not entirely sure this is my life! We are getting married Memorial Day weekend at Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, South Carolina during Memorial Day weekend.

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