Hunter and Michael

How We Met: Well, we met face-to-face in front of my previous workplace last year ( 2014 ) on the streets of San Francisco, where he drove us to a theater and we saw ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (we are both Marvel fanatics! ). However, rewind the clock three months before that day in October, to where I was living in Australia!

I was traveling back home ( The U.S. ) in October and I wanted to form a few friendships before heading back, so I turned to, yes, a dating site (ahh!!). I ticked the box that put it out there that I was looking only for friends and nothing else. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best of luck, so a month before I started packing I decided to delete my profile. Michael messaged me that same day! Although, a ‘simple’ message is an understatement – hello, three pager!

I gave him a chance, read over this long, detailed message, and replied with the natural eagerness you get when meeting a new somebody. That was it. That reply spawned long, sleepless nights of texting, phone calls, Michael and I became inseparable! ( We even became So close that we planned our WEDDING…That’s right!! ).

Between each stop from point A to point San Francisco, it was still constant with the back and fourth between Michael and I, both of us were getting more anxious by the moments that past by. I finally arrived in San Francisco with a racing heart, sweaty palms, and an urge to throw up.

Fast forward to our first date ( the movie and lunch ), I immediately knew he would be the one I was going to marry. There was no doubt in my mind.

how they asked: Fast forward to one year ahead, our relationship is going stronger then ever with no end in sight.

So, his family ( mother, stepfather, aunt, cousins, and sister ) himself, and I drove up to Tahoe for a few days on a mini vacation ( which I REALLY needed! Work was just stressing me out! ). At the resort, our townhouse sat right on the Lake where these amazing sunsets happened every single night. It was so amazing and incredible.

Image 1 of Hunter and Michael

On a side note: After our one-year anniversary, both of us continued to tease each other about getting engaged, and how our children would make beautiful asian babies ( haha ).

Anyway, it was the 3rd night in Tahoe and we all ended eating at a buffet. The rest of his family decided to part ways; some went to the casino, and others to the arcade. Michael and I wanted to get back in time to see the sunset!

It was nice to have some time to ourselves in the moment. Funniest thing was that on the pier across the way, there was a wedding in progress! Michael generally is an incredibly sweet natured, caring man, so tonight I didn’t really pick up on anything strange. “Remember when we started dating and I admitted that if we were to ever break up, I would be okay? Well, through this year with you, I have realized that even the thought of living without you is not an option. I love you so, so much.” I noticed his eyes became a little glassy with moisture. “So, will you marry me?”

I immediately began giggling uncontrollably because my mind flashed to all these teasing times that we proposed to one another with no intention of seriousness. But he began sobbing, his grin was huge and infectious, so I in turn just began bawling! Tripping out of my mouth were the words, “yes, yes, of course, yes I will marry you!”

We sat there just crying, hugging, and kissing. Everyone came home shortly after and congratulated us. His cousin later on wanted us to re-create the moment ( minus the outdoor scene and sunset ).

Image 2 of Hunter and Michael

That sparkle in his eye. I knew he was so incredibly happy, as I am to this day. I cannot wait to plan our wedding.