Megan and Hunter

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Christmas Tree Farm

How We Met

Hunter and I met when I was 14 years old, a year later I said “sure” to this very nervous 16 year old boy when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fast forward through high school, he graduated and left for college a year earlier than I did and it was hard let me tell ya. When it was finally my time to leave high school I (with his influence) decided to follow him to college, against my parents wishes on choice of school. Everyone told me it was dumb to follow a boy but I always knew that it was him I was supposed to spend my life with and wanted to be with him. Through those next few years in college Hunter and I struggled because we literally grew up together from kids to adults. But no matter what we always came back to each other.

Megan and Hunter's Engagement in Christmas Tree Farm

how they asked

And here we are, over six years after I first said “sure” to that nervous boy, I said YES to this amazingly confident man and our forever began.

He is my best friend and the one I always knew was meant to love me from the time I met him.

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