Hunter and Matthew


How We Met

Me and matthew met through mutual friends, he was 29 and I was 19 so we were a little scriptural at first but we hit things off right away and his charm was just out of this world!


Then we put the pieces together that my aunt and uncle were his god parents and it was like a sign from the heavens!

how they asked

A local photographer Albrecht Photography had contacted me about doing a style shoot for them which wasn’t unusual because they are close friends of ours, so of course I said YES! We borrowed a dress from a local formal wear store my hair dresser volunteered to do my hair for advertisement and the photoshoot was on its way!

We went to a few locations before the last one which was suppose to be a “video journalistic shoot” or so they said! Little did I know Matthew had set up the whole thing!



As I was walking down the path I saw a trail of roses and pictures of us hanging in the tree and I started to put the pieces together that this was IT!


The moment I had dreamed of since I was a little girl and it was amazing! Matthew popped out from behind a tree, got on one knee and in bachelor style (my favorite show)  held out a single red rose and said “will you except this?” Of course I said Yes!





Our Video

Here is a video fusion of Matt's proposal to Miss Hunter. Enjoy.

Posted by Albrecht Artistic Photography on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Special Thanks

Tammie & Dennis Albrecht
Albrecht Artistic Photography
Tammy Kubenka | 
Blush Airbrush - Hunter Slusher | 
Make up