Mandy and Hunter

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How We Met

Hunter and I met in high school our freshman year and I had a huge crush on him, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that we began dating. Our first date was our homecoming dance and we were extremely nervous because we hadn’t spent much time together. He actually did not ask me to homecoming first, I was getting impatient with him and ran after him in the hallway and asked him to go with me, he was pretty annoyed because he had planned to do it after school on the way to his bus, my impatience paid off though because he was my date!

how they asked

We had been dating for nearly six years when hunter finally proposed and he did it in such a magical way. The Oregon zoo had become a special place for us throughout our time dating and he decided that we needed to visit again. We got their bright and early and spent the day looking at all the beautiful animals, but I knew he was planning something. He kept telling me he had a picnic planned at the rose garden that is adjoined to the zoo, but he had no food! So when we finally showed up we walked down to the amphitheater and I see a man playing a guitar, a blanket, a basket full of food, and roses scattered all over the blanket. I had thought this day might be special so I had bought a new dress, and as soon as we sit down he started saying how nice it was and asked me to stand up so he could see it, at that point I knew what was going on, and he told me later, I actually told him I didn’t want to!

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I was so in shock it was actually happening I couldn’t believe it! I did stand up and that’s when he got on his knee and told me how much he loved me and wanted to marry me, he then pulled out the ring and took off my promise ring from years before and put the engagement ring on.

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And once I said yes my whole family, his whole family, and my best friend came out of hiding! Turns out they had been there to witness the whole thing and I had actually walked right by them! My tunnel vision to the picnic helped keep the surprise haha.

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