Hunter and Kelti's Pier Proposal

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How we met: Hunter and I both signed up to take the same Bible class our freshman year of college at ACU. Little did I know, one seat away sat my future husband! A few weeks into the school year, still no conversations had been made between the two of us. However, Hunter says I caught his eye, and now I wonder how such a handsome young man had ever slipped under my radar! ACU tradition allows new freshmen to put on a production for the rest of the school, parents, and alumni at the beginning of every school year. This production is called Freshman Follies, and is basically a “college kid” talent show. Students come up with acts and perform with their friends. Hunter participated in his dorm hall’s act, and I lead my own dorm hall’s act. The week leading up to Freshman Follies, our Bible professor scheduled an exam. We also had Follies rehearsals every night that week. This set Hunter up with the perfect excuse to get my number! “Hey, we’re having a study group after rehearsals tonight, I could text you where to meet if you want to come”… or something of that sort. It was best friendship at first sight, and the rest was written in the stars! That first study date Hunter squeezed my water bottle in my face while I was drinking it, and somehow I found it adorably funny. He got me hook, line, and sinker. It took me a few months to officially allow Hunter to claim me as his “girlfriend”. I wanted to be intentional about that decision, and I’ve never regretted it! Neither Hunter or I came to ACU with the expectation to jump into a relationship so soon, but God had another plan for us! Four years later, we are engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together!

how they asked: I met Hunter for dinner at Sharky’s (the BEST local burrito shop in Abilene) Thursday night after work, where he told me we would be leaving the next morning on a surprise trip for our 4 year anniversary! I needed to pack a fancy dress, nice dinner outfit, and a swim suit (as I chow down my man-sized burrito…). I had no idea where we were going the whole road trip until we actually turned a corner with a sign reading Horseshoe Bay! We showed up to two condos that his brother-in-law’s family own, and we each got ready for dinner. We pull up to the Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club for our dinner reservations, when Hunter tells me we’re a little early. So we decide to explore the resort! I spot a glimpse of the water and run for it, but he grabs my hand and says “no let’s go this way, it looks better”.

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We walk around and through two buildings and find ourselves on a pier looking out at the bay… such a BEAUTIFUL view! Hunter is hugging me from behind as we looked out over the water, I start to turn around to hug him back, and when I did …he was down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring in his hands! And of course, I said YES!

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We were spoiled at dinner with champagne and a congratulatory chocolate cake dessert! Then Hunter told me he had one more surprise. He made me close my eyes in the car after dinner (I proceeded to get carsick) but that went away very quickly because I opened my eyes to a room full of some of my closest friends! We spent the rest of the weekend with our friends at the resort- tennis for the boys, beach and pool time for the girls- followed by dinner and hot tubbing, and a trip to the Bluebonnet Cafe on Sunday morning. It was beautiful, unforgettable, and by far the best surprise EVER!

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I am sooooo incredibly thankful for the man Hunter is, he already surpasses everything I ever hoped, dreamed, and prayed for! I absolutely CANNOT wait to be husband and wife!

Photography by Jennifer Weems Photography