Hunter and Gabriel

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the lake

How They Asked

It was just a normal day like any other, I went to work not knowing what the day would bring. I got off work early and had lunch with my nana and we went to get our nails done. I met my fiancé later for dinner and we discussed our days. It was just a regular Wednesday night when on the way home he started asking me what I would want a future proposal to look like. (Keep in mind we had a beach trip to Kiawah island 2 weeks away in which I had been thinking he might propose) I assume he’s asking because he plans on proposing at the beach in 2 weeks.

I say “oh I’d just like pictures of it and to be wearing something nice but other than that I don’t care!” We get back to the lake house where we were staying and he asks me to come down to the dock to check on the boats with him. *difficult me, of course, asks why I have to come and complains because the grass is wet. He pleads for me to just come on so I do and we go down to the dock.

I notice he’s breathing heavy and before I can put it all together he’s on one knee on the dock it’s dark with only the moonlight on us reflecting off of the lake. My favorite part was that he didn’t even plan on asking me at night and the box lit up illuminating the ring when opened! He confessed later that he had picked the ring up that same day earlier in the morning and asked my nana to take me to get my nails done because he didn’t want to wait for our beach trip to ask.❤️

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On the lake

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