Watch This Guy Propose on Stage and With Her Dream Helzberg Engagement Ring

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How we met

Growing up, my friends and I would always have conversations about who we would marry. You know, the middle school sleepover talks like, “I wonder if I have met my husband yet?!” or “Oh my gosh, when we will start dating?!” Little did I know, I’d already met my sweet fiancé when we were both seven years old. Apparently, we both began attending Life.Church at a very young age and were both in the youth program called D.C.C. Both of our parents remember us being there together, but neither of us do.

Anyway, my parents own a dental practice and hired a college student to help out around the office. That girl happened to be Hunter, my fiance’s, cousin and soon after she started, her family became patients. Fast forward a few years, I was at my dad’s office and Hunter was in for a tooth cleaning.

My dad wanted me to meet him (not intending it would bring about a relationship, or even marriage), so I went up front and my dad introduced me to the cutest boy! We began talking after his appointment and spent hours in my dad’s office getting to know each other. It was so great and so memorable, but I could not get him to ask for my number, so instead, I asked for his!

Since neither of us could drive at this point and we attended different schools, we ended up seeing each other mostly at church and we developed a deep friendship centered around our values. Two years later, when we were finally sixteen, Hunter asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

I graduated college this past December, our five-year anniversary is this month, he has his senior season of football in the Fall, and then (fingers crossed) he will start physical therapy school in June of 2017. With all of these new and exciting life changes coming our way, we’ve certainly discussed marriage as well. We are both major planners so we’d talk about our future often, even if it was a ways away.

Side note: I am an impatient planner, which made me come up with literally seventy-five scenarios of when I “knew” he was going to propose. I felt like it was going to be impossible to surprise me because I always suspected something was going to happen. My latest suspicion was that he was going to propose in a few weeks at our graduation party.

But then, right around the time I thought he was going to propose, I found out that Helzberg Diamonds had stopped carrying the exact ring I’d wanted a few months back. Hunter and I had ring shopped a few times before and nothing else compared. When I found out the ring was no longer being made, I BAWLED my eyes out in front of his whole family, and knew that we’d have to go ring shopping again before I could expect his proposal. I wasn’t even excited to search again because I knew nothing would outshine the precious one we’d already fallen in love with at Helzberg.

Fast forward a month or so to Tuesday, April 5. I was at a huge meeting for all the 25 Life.Church campuses (560 staff members were all in town!) and Hunter was supposed to be taking a big exam at school.

My team sat on the third row and I was so excited to be surrounded by truly ALL the staff of Life.Church. The pastor on stage was doing a great job, and then he announced a “new segment” called “Ask the Intern”. I am an intern. I freaked out. Like panicked. After I sunk in my seat, my name was drawn out of the bucket, and I freaked out and panicked even more.

I made my way on to the stage and the pastor asked me a few questions. First, he asked how old I was when I attended Life.Church for the first time, then he asked how old am I now, and finally he asked what my favorite thing about being on staff is. After I finished asking that last question, he said he had one more question but that he wasn’t the one who was going to ask it.

I literally froze and thought, “This is going to be hilarious! After his test tonight, I have to tell Hunter that I thought he was going to propose.” Then I turned around, and watched my sweet boyfriend walk towards me with a rose and his Bible.

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I kept telling myself, “Soak it up, soak it up!! Calm down and remember what he’s going to say to you!!!”

After some very, very sweet words about our relationship and what he wants forever to look like, Hunter got on one knee, and asked me to marry him!!!

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I was so excited, so shocked, and so surprised that I even was surprised!

Then, he opened the ring box and it was THE RING. The one they stopped carrying at Helzberg. Apparently he’d bought it months ago (and all his family knew about it when I bawled to them a few weeks ago).

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Image 6 of Emily and Hunter

So. Much. Excitement.

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He even brought two of my very best friends to photograph the event (Mary Keen Photography) and our entire family slipped into the event to watch us say yes to the most exciting journey of our lives! It was truly the happiest and most joy filled event in our relationship!

the proposal video

How we found the ring

As I walked by jewelry stores as a little girl, I dreamed of the day when I would peek over the counter with my soon-to-be-fiancé, looking for the ring that would be on my finger for the rest of my life. I vividly remember thinking about what story we would get to tell the person helping us. I hoped that whoever helped us would genuinely be excited for us and this next step in our relationship.

When Hunter decided to take me ring shopping, I immediately hoped we would have the experience I had been dreaming of since I was little. The very first store we went to was Helzberg Diamonds, and before I knew it, the absolute sweetest lady met us in the center of the store and I was a starry-eyed young woman peeking over the counter with my soon-to-be-fiancé.

Image 9 of Emily and Hunter

After trying on a few rings, we made it to the TRULY by Zac Posen collection where we found the ring of our dreams! The sweet lady spent an entire hour talking with us about the high quality of diamonds, the uniqueness of the TRULY collection, and the story of the great Helzberg brand. When we asked, she even told us of her own story and how her eleven years at Helzberg had been some of the greatest in her life.

We kept shopping to see what else was out there. After seven more jewelry stores with no rings that compared to the one perfect for us, we also found that there was absolutely no customer service or brand that compared to Helzberg. We then went to a different Helzberg location when Hunter began to seriously think about purchasing my dream ring. There, we received the same exact experience as the first Helzberg store we shopped at.

Marc and Brittany established a relationship with Hunter during the process of him purchasing the ring. They now call us by name when we walk in their store and make sure that we are helped exceptionally fast. I will be forever grateful for Helzberg giving Hunter and I the experience of my dreams! We cannot wait to go back for anniversary gifts in the years to come!

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Special Thanks

Mary Keen
 | Photography
 | Jeweler