Hui and Keen

How We Met: I knew Hui Shan in the year 2007. We were both students in a college. Although we were not in the same class, we always met each other somewhere in the college. We did not talk much because we were not close at that time. But there was always a special feeling when we were looking at each other.

I played basketball at a court near to her hostel. I always noticed that was a girl watching at me from far. When I looked at her, she felt shy and tried to hide somewhere I could not see. It was so funny but definitely sweet for me. After I got her phone number, I used to text her always. We became closer since then. When I fell sick, she bought me food. Sometime, she did make breakfast for me. During my toughest time in the exam period, she encouraged me a lot.

One day I caught myself smiling for no reason and kept thinking of her, and then I realized I fell in love with her. On the last day of the semester, we took a cab to the bus station. We knew that we are not going to meet each other for few weeks until the new semester began. We talked about some recent happenings and share out thoughts with each other. Suddenly, I hold her hands and asked, would you become my girlfriend? She was stunned and remained silent at that moment for few seconds. My heart was beeping as I was waiting her answer. Finally, she nodded. That was the day we began our relationship.

Image 1 of Hui and Keenhow they asked: The place that I was proposing is an open area outside KLCC Suria shopping mall. I have secretly invited our best friends to attend and witness the wonderful moment in our life.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. I reached the place at 3pm and started to do preparation. My friends arrived subsequently and we managed to run the full rehearsal before she arrived.

Meanwhile, I have asked my sister and her friends to date her out for cell group fellowship purpose.

She didn’t expect that I will be there because I told her earlier that I need to attend a training that day.

I hide myself in somewhere else from her eyesight and only appeared at the right time as per planned.

They reached there around 6.30 pm. Once she exited from the mall, she noticed that a videographer was doing video shooting on her. She knew it has something to be happened on the day.

Along the way to the designated open area, her friends passed her the love balloons. When she reached, other friends were there with cards on their hands. The cards are filled with texts and sentences which I want to express my love to her. They flipped the card and let her to see the contents. At the last page of the cards, it showed “look at your back”.

Image 2 of Hui and Keen

When she turned back, I was standing in front her. I repeated the same thing as our friends did. At the last page of my cards, it showed “Will you…?” Then I turned her to look at her back again. Another group of friends were standing on the staircase and holding the word of “Will you marry me?” Immediately I presented her the flower. I looked at her eyes and told her that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I got down on one knee, took out the ring and proposed.

Image 3 of Hui and Keen

And she said yes!!

Image 4 of Hui and Keen

Without any hesitation I put the ring on her finger. All of our friends came towards us and congratulated us. We shared this precious and joyous moment together. This is the day the Lord has made.

Image 5 of Hui and Keen

Image 6 of Hui and Keen

As mentioned in Genesis 2:8, the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Photos by: Ivy Tay