Whitney and Maggie

Proposal Ideas Tobermory, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

How We Met

Maggie and I met through a dating app called HER on April 12th, 2016. Maggie works as an NICU nurse and I had just graduated nursing school so I messaged her asking where she worked. We chatted through text for a couple of weeks and on April 30th, 2016 we met in person for the first time. Maggie lived downtown Toronto and I still lived with my parents about an hour north of the city, so I took a bus to Union Station where we would meet. Maggie came around the corner loaded down with bags and a cooler but I was so nervous that I couldn’t get off the bench I was sitting on. She finally made it to me and told me she had planned a picnic on Toronto Island. We made our way to the ferry and over to the island where we found a nice spot to lay down our blanket. Maggie had packed all of my favorite drinks and snacks that I had mentioned over text and I was blown away at her memory and her thoughtfulness. We chatted, drank and ate for a good portion of the afternoon and then made our way back to her place for dinner.

How They Asked

I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Maggie soon after we started dating but I also knew I need to slow my roll and enjoy dating, getting to know each other and falling more and more in love. Two years into our relationship the wheels started turning in my head and I knew I wanted to propose. I enlisted the help of a friend to help me pick out the perfect ring, Maggie wasn’t sure what she wanted in a ring so it was up to me to pick something that was perfectly suited for her.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tobermory, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

My original plan was to propose on our upcoming family cruise but once I had the ring in hand I couldn’t wait. My new plan was to propose when we took a weekend trip to Tobermory with Maggie’s family. I knew I wanted a beautiful background and I knew I wanted pictures and videos of the proposal. I enlisted Maggie’s dad to take the photos and Maggie’s sister to take a video.

Where to Propose in Tobermory, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

To prepare I bought us both new outfits, cute little champagne flutes that said Mrs & Mrs and a bottle of champagne!

The day of the proposal came and it was cold and rainy and I had not been prepared for that but we made the best of it! We walked quite a way to The Grotto and when we got there the waves were massive and it was quite windy. I told Maggie to look out towards the water and I would take a picture of her, while she was turned away I got the ring out of my backpack and then went to join her. I started telling her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me and at this point, she still had no clue what was going on. I got down on one knee and she was completely surprised and of course, said YES! We popped the champagne and celebrated with our family

After all, was said and done I was disappointed to find out that Maggie’s sister didn’t videotape the proposal but was relieved when Maggie’s dad’s girlfriend’s daughter said she did! Mackinley who at the time was 12 years old, had no idea I was going to propose so she was videotaping in hopes that we would get splashed by the waves. I love it when she finally figures out what is about to happen.

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