Victoria and Sarah

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How We Met

My fiancé and I have been dating since college. We met the day we first moved into our dorms and we were instantly best friends. As we went through college, she had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend but we always had an attraction towards one another that so many people could see. In our senior year of college after living in the same house as 6 of our best friends, we finally realized that our attraction for one another wasn’t just an attraction. It was more serious than that. One night of sleeping with each other in the same bed and talking until the sun came up made us both realize something we never had before and it was a major shock to us both. We didn’t know how our friends would react seeing we all lived under the same roof or what people would start saying about us in general. We didn’t let that stop us though.The rest of college was a roller coaster ride for us but here we are four years later and we are happier than ever!

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How They Asked

Sarah and I have always been open about discussing the topic of engagement. We knew each other were the one ever since we started dating but we both love a good surprise. Many people ask why Sarah had to propose first and she didn’t have to propose first but whenever we had talked about it, she would always say she wanted to be the one to propose. That being said, I have always known that Sarah wanted a ring as well. It is for that reason that it had always been my plan to have a ring so that when Sarah did propose, I would be able to propose right back.

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The night we went to Tavern on the Green was the very first night I was bringing the ring out since I got it and I couldn’t have been more nervous. I almost didn’t bring it with me because I thought for sure it wasn’t happening. Sarah sure fooled me though! After drinking a bottle of wine, eating appetizers, and an amazing dinner, the dessert menu came, which we are always super excited about. As you can see in the video, I instantly pointed out that they have crème brûlée, which is our absolute favorite dessert but Sarah wasn’t paying any attention to the menu. She told me to turn it around and on the back read, “Will you Marry me?” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw those words. Although I had always dreamed of what the day would be like, none of those dreams measured up to the surreal and absolutely amazing feeling of the actual moment. When Sarah got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife, of course I said yes but I immediately stood up and got her ring out of my purse. That is when I got down on one knee, and said “but only if you will marry me!”

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