Trey and Tressa

Trey and Tressa's Engagement in At a birthday dinnet

how they asked

I had been thinking about when, where, and how for a few months. One day her mother called and ask about cooking dinner for her birthday(bingo). I asked her mother would it be okay if i also proposed the day of her dinner. She said yes and the reat was history. I called her daughter who just moved to Texas and wouldnt be able to be here and ask could she get Jayce(grandbaby) involved. She said yes. They made a video of him saying “do it Nana”. So we invited a few friends for dinner after breaking bread. Her mother spoke about her birthday and then turned it over to me. Sweating bullets i said a few words played Jayce video and drop to one knee. After she punched me a few times she finally said yes.