Torri and Michaela

how we met

We met at Keller High School! It was our sophomore year and we sat at the same lunch table and instantly became best friends! We were best friends for about a year!

Michaela is very much the more silent one when it comes to emotions! I have enough emotions to cover both of us! We balance each other well! But we both are kids at heart! We constantly are messing with each other, frequently have water fights and are just picking on each other! Michaela pushes me to do new things and build confidence in my self!

how they asked

I had a couple stipulations for Michaela! She did not want me to propose to her and I’ve always wanted to be proposed to! So it worked out great with her proposing! I told her I would like it outside, in the fall, and I needed a speech on why she loved me.

Special Thanks

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