Torie and Alyssa

How We Met

Alyssa and I met through an app called HER, which is a female-only dating app that connects you to other females looking for relationships. I lived in Southern New Jersey and Alyssa lived in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Although they’re only 65 miles apart, it was an hour and a half commute each time.

We chatted through the app for a few days before exchanging phone numbers to text each other. After only a few days of talking, I remember Alyssa telling me that it felt like she had known me forever and the feeling was mutual. At this time, we were both dating other people, something we were clear about with each other, and with the other girls, we were seeing.

I drove to West Chester to meet Alyssa for the first time in November of that year. I remember walking up to her apartment being extremely nervous and excited at the same time. As we’re writing this story now, we’re both laughing at our similar reactions to each other. Alyssa says her first thought upon opening the door was “Oh My Gosh, she’s so tall, she doesn’t look this tall in pictures” and ironically enough, my thought was “Oh my Gosh, she’s SO short!” First impressions aside, she gave me a huge hug and welcomed me in as if we were friends forever. She finished getting ready and we then headed out for a night of dinner and drinks. The rest was history!

Sometime around the New Year, we made our relationship official. We started taking turns traveling to each other for the weekends and spent our days going to the movies, hiking, playing games and grabbing cocktails and dinner at new spots each weekend. We often had “date night from afar” in which we would face-time and rent the same movie and watch together!

Alyssa moved to New Jersey a year later, and we started our life here and we couldn’t be happier!!

How They Asked

Alyssa and I ultimately chose to ask each other, as opposed to one asking the other. We both wrote each other letters and read them to each other early in the morning on the sea rocks below Old City in Dubrovnik while on vacation. Since it was early in the morning, we had the entire area to ourselves to have this special and private moment remain special and private to us forever.

As we read the letters to each other, we both grew emotional, knowing that everything in that moment felt right. The world stops during this time and it’s so amazing to feel that type of love and share it with the person that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

I cried hysterically, while Alyssa giggled, totally the norm of our relationship!

Proposal Ideas Dubrovnik, Croatia while on vacation

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dubrovnik, Croatia while on vacation

We’re both big Game Of Thrones fans, so for us, getting engaged underneath “Kings Landing” was so unique and cool and something we’ll never forget.

Special Thanks

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