Tiffany and Jasmine

Where to Propose in In our new home

How We Met

jasmine and I met 13 years ago in high school. I was 16 years old when I was completely taken with her beauty and personality. The timing was not on our side then but we always kept in touch, remained friends and had few intimate moments over 10 years before deciding we were ready for forever. We knew what choosing one another meant king before engagement. When you spend 10 years loving someone the only way you cab, at a distance, you’re all in when it’s finally yours.

How They Asked

Jasmine asked me to marry her on my birthday in our brand new beautiful home. She put 4 frames along our stairs, each covering a specific area/location that was sentimental to us. First being Paramus, NJ where we met, second Elmwood Park, NJ where I grew up and she would come to visit me, next Montville, NJ where she grew up and where I ended up living with her and her family before we bought our house, finally Hopatcong, NJ where we became homeowners and her fiancée. So thoughtful!y.

Tiffany and Jasmine's Engagement in In our new home

Special Thanks

Pedro Torres
 | Videographer