Tessa and Michelle

Image 1 of Tessa and Michelle

How We Met

We weren’t looking when we found one another. It was a casual conversation that then grew into appreciation. Appreciation grew to like. Like grew to love. In the most unlikely of ways, one finds their soulmate. Two people who had similar interests, but equally balanced each other out with differences. A beautiful woman from Manitoba, Canada, and an eager woman from Kansas, USA. Like any modern-day love story, ours took place online. It was April 10, 2010, when they’d made their relationship official. In the span of two years things were rough as any long-distance relationship would have it, but with due diligence, the relationship went the distance. On July 7 of 2012, Tessa set out on a journey to meet the love of her life for the first time face-to-face. It was a nerve-wracking time, she was making the 1050 mile thousand-mile flight in order to connect with the one person who she’d entrusted with her heart. From the moment Michelle and Tessa’s eyes connected as Tessa came down that ramp, Michelle knew everything would be alright. The warm embrace they’d shared made all the hardships disappear. Made everything worthwhile. Moments like these no one could take from the two of them as they held each other, bodies shaking, nearly to tears because they had finally united. In December of 2012, Michelle knew Tessa was the one.

How They Asked

She knew she wanted nothing more than to spend a life with her best friend. Valentine’s day in 2013, Michelle concocted a plan that involved flower petals, chocolate, a love note, supper and of course the ring. Michelle professed her love for her on the note given, the last sentence read: “So, I have a question for you…” As soon as Tessa had glanced up, Michelle was down on one knee with the ring box opened popping the question. Tears followed along with laughter. The moment was for the ages. Emotions ran so high that Tessa about forgot to answer the question. With a chuckle, Michelle made sure to ask again to which Tessa said YES! The rest was history.

Image 2 of Tessa and Michelle

Image 3 of Tessa and Michelle