Taylor and Holly

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How We Met

Taylor and I met on HER, a women’s dating app, in December 2015. She swiped right first, so when I saw a picture of her irresistible dimples and clicked on it, we matched immediately. We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon exchanging messages back and forth, talking about everything from our favorite TV shows to childhood memories. But possibly what I remember most from that day, is laughing – out loud, in my apartment, by myself.

I was living in Providence at the time and Taylor was living just outside of Boston. It was just by coincidence (or was it fate?) that Taylor drove down to Rhode Island that weekend to visit a friend. Lucky for me, because her visit is what allowed us to connect. With the holidays right around the corner, and both of us traveling to visit family, we weren’t able to meet up right away. But we quickly locked down plans to have our first date on New Year’s day.

That didn’t stop us from texting non-stop during the holiday break. We talked about traveling, and our families, about past heartbreaks and our hopes for the future. Taylor told me about her family’s tradition of eating pho and last minute shopping on Christmas Eve and I sent her videos of my niece happily babbling to herself. Needless to say – both of us were busted by our sisters who quickly caught on to our sheepish smiles and our new-crush grins.

We had our first date on New Year’s day in Providence. Weeks of talking did nothing to quell the anticipation of that first date. I will admit, I was so nervous that I took a shot of tequila before Taylor picked me up from the apartment – some liquid courage to taper the nerves. I can still remember how quickly my heart was beating when I first saw Taylor walk towards me. I remember it because the feeling still catches me by surprise, even now.

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That first date led to a second, and a third, and a fourth… We haven’t stopped dating since!

How They Asked

Flash forward to New Year’s day one year later, Taylor and I spent the day lounging around the house after celebrating the night before. Late that afternoon, Taylor tells me she has a few errands to run before we leave for our vacation the next morning. I absentmindedly waved her out of the apartment, eager to get back to my bachelor fantasy league picks (Nick’s season, in case anyone was wondering). Not fifteen minutes after leaving the house, I got a text from Taylor telling me to get myself ready for an evening out.

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As you can imagine, panic ensued; I flew into the shower and somehow managed to blow dry my hair, put on my makeup, and throw on a dress within 45 minutes. Once ready, I got another text message from Taylor with very specific instructions to drive to our favorite spot in town, an overlook on the water’s edge. I park my car on the fishing pier and walk over to the viewing nest. The place is filled with candles, glowing yellow, the perfect complement of the twilight sky.

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But warmer than all the candles was Taylor’s smile as she extended her hand and pulled me up the rocky steps onto the platform. She handed me a viewfinder and pointed me in the direction of the setting sun. I clicked through each slide, as they read: “I. Have. Loved. You. From. The. Start. Holly Fiona Walker – Will you marry me?”. When I turned around, Taylor was down on one knee proposing. Needless to say – I said yes!

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