Tauren and Jen

how we met

Jen and I really value the friendship that we establish well before we were a couple. We openly communicated as friends and formed a really strong bond that transferred over into use becoming a couple. I knew she was the one when I woke up one morning and looked at her sleeping. Jen was completely unaware but I realized that i always wanted to wake up to that person. To the person who has truly become my best friend. I would say this happened not long after we started dating. I just knew.

how they asked

Jen and I both had the day off. So we planned to go to the Detroit Institute of Art. One of our favorite places. Our friend Holly (@RarebitsJewelry) had already made the ring for me and I had it tucked inside my purse when we went out to dinner before the museum. After to dinner went to the DIA. Stayed until it was closed and I asked Jen to take a picture out front with me. I told her I need to turn on the camera timer, grab the ring out of my purse. Walked back to Jen. Hugged them and told them how much i loved them. I know i said other things too but i was entirely too nervous to remember. I got done on one knee sometime after all the words came out and Jen agreed to do life with me forever.

Jen’s ring is a blue lace agate electro formed in copper. The ring was made by our friend Holly Strawbridge (@RarebitsJewelry) by hand. Jen and I are not diamond people and I knew the blue and copper would look amazing on Jen’s skin.

Special Thanks