Surprise Double Proposal in Paris

How We Met

We linked up online via a rather wacky app, which botched our first planned meetup. The app’s server faced some technical difficulties which meant we were unable to get in touch with each other on the day of the meetup. It actually may have turned out to be a very good thing, since it was a funny icebreaker for us! A week later, on a lovely Sunda yevening in May, at a pub called Harry’s along the Singapore River, we finally met for the first time. We talked for hours, only pausing to breathe and glance at the live telecast of the Monaco Formula 1 GP. He asked me out again for an Angry Birds movie the next Friday. We met again on Saturday, AND on Sunday, and from then on, we knew we couldn’t get enough of each other.

The twist in the tale: He was already in the process of relocating to Poland when we met! We decided to adopt a ‘just wing it’ outlook and enjoy being together for whatever time we had left. Luckily for us, we both love travel and adventure, so being in different continents for a year wasn’t so bad. It was the perfect excuse to travel, and we took full advantage, visiting Indonesia, India, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France in the last few months, learning to ski, snowboard, dive, surf and climb mountains.

How They Asked

From Vishal:  When we decided to get some photos taken in Paris. I contacted Pierre ‘in secret’ a couple of weeks earlier and told him about my intentions of proposing and wanting it to keep it as a surprise. Pierre was very helpful and we coordinated vie email over the ‘code phrase’, “the weather is perfect”, a sentence he would say during the session, as a hint for it to be the right time for me to get down on my knee and ask her the question. Little did I know my girlfriend was planning a counter-proposal expecting me to do something during the photo shoot. It was beautifully executed and its really nice to have these moments captured forever. In my mind , I did my best to keep her clueless about when I would actually be proposing. Knowing me and my adventurous side, she probably expected me to do it during a mountain summit in the Himalayas. But, I had no idea that she’d planned a counter-proposal and had come prepared with a titanium ring! It was a total surprise for me and the fact that she’s so meticulous in terms of how she planned it and the ring. I just can’t help but adore and love her even more.

From Melissa: We had discussed future plans in general, and I knew that he was planning to finish up a full year in Poland before relocating back to Singapore in the later half of 2017. We had two more vacations planned – Paris in March, and Leh, India in June. I had a gut feeling he’d plan something for either one of these vacations! I’m one of those who believe very strongly in equality in relationships – in taking efforts to make things work, in being an independent person, while at the same time being two halves of a whole unit. I thought hey, besides saying YES to him, I also want to let him know that I choose him, and I also want to ask him to be mine for life. So I searched for a titanium ring that would fit his outdoorsy & adventurous personality, and carried it along in my pocket, planning to counter-propose, if/when he finally decided to pop the question! I loved the way he proposed… He made me laugh in his speech because he used some of our self-invented code words… it was so natural and heartfelt! Though I had to ask him to repeat his speech again later because I was so cold and nervous about the surprise I was going to spring on him that I couldn’t remember everything he said! Plus, he got me a gorgeous sapphire ring! He knew I love blue and didn’t want a diamond, so it was truly perfect. I was so glad the proposal & counter-proposal happened the way it did, because he’d always know that I was already prepared to say yes anytime he asked! And I think starting off this journey on an equal footing is something which we will treasure and work hard to maintain throughout our lives together.

Special Thanks

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