Steph and Andee

Where to Propose in Epic Helicopters in Fort Worth, Texas

How We Met

The way Andee and I met- is a testament to “timing is everything”. Years before Andee and I started dating- we were given many opportunities to meet. We are both from the same city- El Paso, TX. It’s the kind of city that’s big in numbers but has a small town feel. So to say we could have met each other on many occasions is an understatement. But the timing wasn’t right. Andee and I are 9 years apart- so I had some growing up to do before I was ready for a love like hers.

Time passed and we both moved out of El Paso, unknowingly of course. I went to Texas A&M and she pursued a career in Houston- funny how those two places are only about an hour apart. But still, we were off each other’s radar.

Life moved forward and we still didn’t really know each other, we hardly ever had a real conversation. I knew about her from a while back when a mutual friend tried to introduce us but that’s about it. Nothing but a simple follow on Facebook and Instagram.

You see- timing is and always has been EVERYTHING with us. Because YEARS passed of us being on each other’s social media but not really knowing one another, never really saying anything, just living our lives.

In 2016, Andee saved my life. When she first met me I was stuck in a place where I believed love took the form of abuse. Abuse of all forms. Andee entered my life at the perfect time; as a friend, as a support, and as a person who showed me, I deserved more.

Fast-forward some time, and Andee and I began to date. Things seemed SO NATURAL. As if I had been hers and she had been mine in a past life. Everything was flowing, light, and beautiful.

Here’s where the real story begins…The first time I ever said, “I Love You”.

The first time I ever said “I Love You” to Andee was 3 and a half months into our relationship. I was in California- filming a short martial arts film. It was late- and to be honest, everything is a bit of a blur now. But I remember Andee calling me and telling me her younger brother (26 years old) had gotten into a fatal motorcycle accident and passed away on scene.

The only words that came to me in that very moment were “I love you” to her and her daughter on the phone.

You see; I had two choices. One was to lead by my heart or lead by fear.
I didn’t know him- I hold only met her brother once. I barley even knew her family. But I knew in my heart, being there for her was where I was meant to be.
So I dropped everything- bought a flight and spent the next two weeks in El Paso, with her- right by her side. Through it all.
You could imagine the pain my partner endured, for months to come we faced the sadness of a loss together. But it was almost natural for me to be there with her, to be by her side, to care for her, and to be her strength. It felt like that’s what my life had been preparing me for.

To say the first year was tough- is an understatement but despite everything; Andee never once stopped caring for me. It’s insane to know she was going through so much pain but never once failed to show me what true love was. It takes a special kind of woman to do that. To show me what pure and holistic love was- no matter how broken she felt. She never stopped inspiring me, believing in me, pushing me, allowing me to grow. She never once made me feel as if she didn’t notice the love I gave her. No matter how much sadness she felt- she always found a way to bring a sense of light into things.

THAT is the kind of love worth fighting for, worth sacrificing for, worth everything.

Two and half years later and we are engaged, in love, happy, successful, thriving, traveling the world, and loving every ounce of life we are given.

I never believed in a love like that- but all I can say, is looking back at my life and all I had ever been through, it was worth enduring to reach a love like this.

How They Asked

SHE DESERVED THE WORLD. So I gave her all I could. I put a lot of thought into this- so be ready for lots of love.

My last name is Rosales which means “roses” in Spanish.
So I made sure to create everything around the idea of her stepping into being a rose. Which to be honest, she already is to me, but you know.. just for stories sake.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Epic Helicopters in Fort Worth, Texas

So our phrase I used was “Out of all the flowers, she picked a rose”. From the rose flavored waters we had, to the rose infused chocolates, to the rose champagne wall with Rose, and the rose covered room. With two bouquets of roses (one to give to her and one for her to place by her bedside to wake up to in the morning)

I wanted Andee to walk into a room filled with love and so she did. With both of our families there, I even flew her mom out the night before to get her to come witness the proposal. I did everything I could to show her all the love I have. And even on that day, I told her “I could never do enough for you to show you how much I love you”.

Andee thought we were going on a helicopter ride for my birthday (my birthday was two days before). So it was an utter surprise to her when she walked through the same doors we went through to get to the helicopter and came back with a room completely transformed.

I wish I could tell you all everything else that happened- because the story is AMAZING. But again, typed out words cannot express the detail I put into this day.

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