Soyria and Iajhiah

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How We Met

Soyria and I met back in 2011, at the University of Newhaven in West Haven, CT. We are college sweethearts. I was in my senior year of college and she was in her freshman year. We first saw each other at a back school party on campus. She asked if I would dance with her and I agreed of course. At the end of the night, she asked for my phone number, but I told her I wasn’t looking to date at the time. Did that stop her? No! She later found me on Facebook and requested me as a friend. I accepted, and we chatted and hung out from time to time. At this point, she still did not have my phone number. She told me that she never had to work this hard for a number, so I made her wait a little longer!

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Finally, I couldn’t resist any longer and after using Facebook chat for about three weeks, I decided it was time to listen to my heart and give her my number. How could I not? She was beautiful, had a great sense of humor, talented, and truly cared about my well-being. She supported me in everything I did and I admired her worth ethic and determination. After dating for about two months, on December 11, 2011, she asked if I would be her girlfriend. I said YES! Fast-forward six years later, we packed up our lives, moved 3,000 miles away, and have taken our love to a whole new level. We now live into Los Angeles, California and I am so happy to call her my life partner. She is simply incredible.

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How They Asked

I’ve known that she was the one since I was 18 years old. After months of planning, I came up with the perfect ruse. I wanted this day to be nothing short of magical and memorable for her. I created two fake emails from a company asking us to participate in an “LGBT Photoshoot”. Aja was beyond excited about our first “gig” as a couple (haha).

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On the day of the proposal, we ran some last minute errands and I made sure that I was able to arrive at the location before her. Rose petals and candles in hand I began to prepare everything for her arrival. Once she arrived, I had someone pretend to be a production assistant and hand her a note with directions that read; “Babe, I’m sure you’re wondering whats going on.. follow the rose petals to the laptop for the next step” The ending of the video told her to go into the tipi, where I was waiting to ask her a question. As she walked in, a rush of emotions came over me the time was finally here… I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me! She said YES!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer