Sonam and Abhishek

Image 1 of Sonam and Abhishek

How We Met

The first time I ever saw Abhishek was at my Patio while I hosted a party. The patio had a Prudential view with the Boston skyline & night lights. His jaw dropped seeing the view. Who knew after few years we will be admitting our love for each other on the same patio with the beautiful view.

How They Asked

That’s the place I always wanted to pin in my life and hence, booked a private flight, instructed the pilot to take me to those coordinates while giving Abhishek some controls to fly the flight for the first time ever and making it more memorable for him. He had no idea what was happening next! He thought he is flying and taking flight controls and it’s a lifetime adventure until I grabbed his left hand while we reached the coordinates where we first met and placed a ring on his finger! He was again jaw dropped! Well, the dream proposal which I always imagined came true! Since I wanted to propose to him with a promise ring, I got one for myself too and told him to put a ring on me. You can call it engaged, proposed, or promised, for us we just exchanged some token of love from thousands of feet away from land and making it worth of experience. Also, girls do not wait for getting a proposal, you plan and make it come true. Break the stereotype.💕💍

Image 2 of Sonam and Abhishek

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