Sierra and Mallory

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How We Met

Before Tinder, thankfully.

We had a mutual friend and we all found ourselves in Toronto, Ontario. At the time we were both hitched so no sparks flew- but who would have thought almost five years later they would.

How They Asked

What a day this was… where to start?

We decided to make a big move earlier this summer, so we packed up our lives in Ontario and drove across the country, landing us in Airdrie, Alberta. In keeping with the theme, I (Sierra) decided to make another BIG move, one that I knew my girlfriend would never see coming. Little did I know…

She works away from home making my plan an easy one to devise. I contacted a highly recommended local photographer and asked if she would be up for capturing a surprise proposal. Her answer: “YYYYYEEEEESSSSS.” We met, we devised, we laughed, we secretly freaked out inside. I simply told Mallory I met a new friend in our neighbourhood who did some photography and asked if we would want to do a shoot, just for fun. Girls love that stuff, so just like that, the plan was underway.

Day of- I was running late as per usual. Our photographer, Kaycee met me outside, crazed about hiding a ring box in her oversized sweater- thankfully that day could have passed as sweater-weather, even though it was the beginning of August. She met my very soon-to-be fiancé and we headed back outside to begin the shoot.

Kaycee and I had agreed to just get the proposal over with in the first few frames so we could finally relax. I wasn’t sure who was more nervous. As per the “plan” Kaycee fit us back to back, “fixed my hair” and the ring transfer was complete. Next frame- I’m down on my knee asking Mallory to marry me. There was a lot of “I can’t believe this is happening” NOs but eventually a Yes.

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With Mallory still shaking with excitement? concern? surprise? we finished our outdoor photoshoot and headed back inside for a few more. Kaycee and I were rearranging the furniture in the living room to capture the right light and the perfect shot when I turn to find Mallory, DOWN ON ONE KNEE, with a ring, asking me to marry her!

Our photographer grabbed her camera and right back into action, attempting to capture this incredible plot twist! Since Mallory heard about the photo shoot with my new friend in town, she did her own devising of a proposal. A testament that great minds really do think alike!

A surprise double proposal. It really couldn’t of been a better day.

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Special Thanks

Kaycee Lunde
 | Photographer