Sidney and Anissa

How We Met

I was in veterinary school at the time, and Anissa was stationed in Missouri with the Army. We met in July the night before my birthday at the Grove in St. Louis, MO where I visiting a friend of mine. She was wearing a beautiful dress and out with some friends. I saw her standing outside the bar, and knew I had to talk to her. She was incredibly shy when I went up to her which I thought was really cute. We ended up spending most of the night talking with each other and I asked her to breakfast in the morning. She picked me up and it was one of those first dates you never want to end so we ended up spending most of the day together. I had a plane to catch that night, but when I got to the airport my flight was delayed due to bad weather. Anissa was headed back to base, but she met me at the airport as soon as I text her I was going to be in St. Louis for a couple more hours. I found out later she is terrified of thunderstorms, and Anissa drove out of her way in one to keep a girl she just met company! After a movie worthy kiss good-bye at the airport gate, I was pretty sure I was already in love. We started dating and it’s been a fairytale since.

How They Asked

I had my family help me set up a beautiful proposal in the woods. My dad built and painted an arch for us. My family decorated the arch with her favorite flower, carnations, and strung fairy lights throughout all the trees. I had to drive 20 miles under the speed limit so we could get there at sunset, but luckily she didn’t notice. We saw the lights from the road, and I had to pretend to be as surprised as her. We were supposed to be “getting dinner” with family, and she was worried we were going to be late. I had to convince her to get out of the car to go check out the lights. As we were walking up, she was said it looked like someone got married here. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me as she realized what was happening. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I was so nervous I grabbed the wrong hand to put the ring on!

Sidney's Proposal in Channel Islands National Park

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Channel Islands National Park

One week later, we were in California. We have been trying to visit all the National Parks, and the Channel Islands have been on our list. Anissa woke me up at 4 in the morning one day to drive three hours to the coast. I was so grumpy until I saw the signs for the ferry and realized she had a surprise planned for us. We took a beautiful sunrise ferry ride to the islands with dolphins swimming next to the boat. I had already asked her to marry me, so I didn’t expect what was happening. She asked another visitor to take our picture after we reached the island. As she was taking our pictures, Anissa got down on one knee and asked me to marry her too! Obviously, I said yes. We spent the day kayaking and hiking around the beautiful island.

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Sidney and Anissa's Engagement in Channel Islands National Park