Shevelle and Peter

How We Met

Peter and I met through mutual friends in 2012 when I first moved to San Francisco from Michigan. We were both dating other people at the time and didn’t actually become besties right away. Our friend group spent most of our time together and our friendship grew. When we both found ourselves single in 2015 we started hanging out more regularly. Inviting each other to drinks after work, drinks that eventually turned into dinners, to brunch on the weekends to full day hang sessions.

We didn’t see anything romantic happening but everyone else did! Parents asked if we were together, friends hinted that they thought something was happening and even taxi drivers would refer to us as each others husband or wife.

The rest is history (and just for us!)

how they asked

I decided to ask Peter to marry me!! Since we started dating, people would ask when Peter would propose. He would always hold up his left hand and say “when ever she’s ready!” or “Equal rights! If she’s ready, she can always ask!!”

I started tossing around the idea of asking and decided to run it by my mom. She said it was an amazing idea and it sounded like something we would do!

So that was that! I decided I would do it! I bought a ring and called his parents for their blessing!

We had planned a weekend of fun for his Birthday with friends so I told him we should do a nice dinner, just us, the weekend before. I had him stay out of the kitchen while I cooked a meal, set the table with candles and flowers and opened the wine.

When he came out I asked to make a toast! I had an entire speech planned out but as I raised my glass and stumbled through, he was looking at me like I was crazy. I finally made it, pulled the ring from below the table and asked him to be my husband!


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