Sheri and Rocio

How We Met

The memory of our first meeting is forever engrained in my mind and heart. Rocio walked into the staff orientation for a women’s festival we were both working. All seated in a circle, we introduced ourselves one by one. When she said her name, I immediately elbowed my good friend sitting next to me and whispered, “Who’s that?! And what’s her name??” I couldn’t even pronounce it at first! But there was just something about her. Her energy immediately captivated me. I felt the goodness of her heart. I wanted to know and learn her. Little did I know that she would become one of my greatest teachers; in love, in partnership, in unconditional compassion for others, in self-reflection, in patience, in understanding and forgiveness, and of course, Mexican cuisine!!!

But before all of that, I just admired her from afar. I definitely inquired with other staff who knew her personally…you know, to see if I could shoot my shot! But at the time, she was unavailable, so we went about our business separately as staff over that weekend. We innocently flirted in passing, but that was it.

Fast forward two months – some random person that she knew liked a festival photo of us on Facebook. I sat on my computer watching them interact on the comment thread and wanted to insert myself so badly! But how? My bright idea was to simply “like” the photo to see if that would initiate conversation. Sure enough, she slid up in my DMs to say hi, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

When Rocío (who is proudly of Mexican descent) and I first started exclusively dating, she casually told me that if I ever proposed, I would definitely have to “roll out the mariachi”. Note taken. After four years of being together, we began seriously discussing our future together – marriage, buying property, having a family, and finally getting on her health insurance!

The first step was getting engaged. We wanted rings that matched but that also reflected our own personal styles, so we went to a local jeweler to design and purchase custom rings together. To keep some element of surprise, we picked up our rings separately and would propose whenever we each felt ready.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barcelona

This year’s annual vacation landed us in the romantic cities of Paris and Barcelona, so I knew that this was my time to make that mariachi dream come true. I found an engagement/wedding photographer AND authentic mariachi band in Barcelona, and we all worked together to coordinate the perfect plan.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barcelona

Little did I know that just a couple of days before my surprise serenade, Rocío would swoop in with her own proposal under the Eiffel Tower in Paris! I happily said yes…but also kept my secret.

Sheri and Rocio's Engagement in Barcelona

Two days later, as had been planned months in advance, I led her on an early morning stroll through the beautiful and historic Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona, where we “stumbled upon” the mariachi. We danced to the first song called “Besame Mucho”. When the music stopped, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. Despite the owner of the house (the beautiful backdrop of our photo) coming downstairs naked to ask us to stop playing music outside his window at 7 am, she absolutely said yes! We’re so happy to take this next step in our relationship!

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Sheri's Proposal in Barcelona

Where to Propose in Barcelona

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Barcelona

Special Thanks

Martina Zancan
 | Photographer