Shannon and Nicole

Shannon and Nicole's Engagement in California

How We Met

Nicole and I first started dating 8 and a half years ago. We played on the same basketball team, and always wanted to spend every second together. It didn’t take long until we found ourselves head over heels in love with each other. We did distance for a long time in college, which was very difficult at times. Despite the distance, we always found our way back to each other. I can not imagine life without her. When we are together we find ourselves laughing nonstop all the time. Life together is so much fun, how lucky are we to have forever to look forward to that?

How They Asked

The first of our series of proposals began in Yosemite National Park. Oh, what pure happiness feels like. It was after dinner that Nicole and I decided to take a walk around and admire the beauty of Yosemite National Park. We found ourselves strolling over a bridge to discover a second private bridge that had an amazing view of the Half Dome (which we would soon hike), overlooked lushes flowing river, and was completely submerged with some of the largest pines we have ever seen.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in California

We couldn’t believe the beauty of this place. There was something so magical about discovering and seeing this place together for the first time. As we admired the view of the bridge together, we found ourselves having a complete moment. In fact, Nicole literally said, “this is one of my favorite moments with you”. This was in fact one of my favorite moments with her. We held each other on the bridge so comfortably, so amazed with nature’s beauty, and so absolutely in love with each other. I was holding Nicole from behind when I noticed her pull a dark blue box from her purse.

She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, it may sound crazy but I swear I could see her love for me in those eyes. What happens next was all a blur, but I remember her big brown eyes filling with tears followed by me saying one too many “oh my goshs’”. Before I knew it she said, “will you?” I said yes and I put my absolute dream ring on my finger. We spent about another hour and a half on the bridge as I danced around in complete happiness. The night ended in a bear chase. Oh how absolutely completely perfect this night was.

The second proposal took place at Shark Tooth Cove in Santa Cruz, California. My sister is an artist, so about a month again I had her paint four signs reading, “Nicole”, “I love you”, “Will you marry me?”, and “she said yes” (more pictures to come).

My photographers helped me align the signs along the beach so after a romantic evening out, I took Nicole to the spot, lead her along with the signs and she happily said YES.

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Shannon's Proposal in California

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