Sarah and Katelin

How We Met

Since we had mutual friends in common via Facebook, I happen to stumble across her page one night. I sent her a private message and just a few hours later we met up at our local hometown bar for what was supposed to be one drinks. I was nervously talking too much and she just happens to be the best listener so we ended up staying for hours talking. Little did I know that just a little over a year later I would be asking that beautiful shy girl to be mine forever.-Sarah One night I received a Facebook message from a cute girl. We went to a local bar to meet up. She was perfect and I was too scared to speak and she wouldn’t stop talking. Lol From that night we were inseparable. – Katelin

How They Asked

The proposal was definitely a surprise. I had already asked her mom for permission to ask her which I knew was important to her. Everyone was in on it except for her. But our photographer really helped to make the moment special. We had collaborated on the details for the past few weeks and decided that the perfect location would be at an industrial spot located in Charlotte called “Camp North End.” The news reporter predicted rain all day but thankfully it was sunny and absolutely perfect. I asked, she cried, it couldn’t have been better. – Sarah

I HAD NO CLUE! It was perfect I wouldn’t have changed any part of it. – Katelin



Special Thanks

Kayla Adams Photography
 | Photography
Camp North End
 | Location