Sarah and Bianca

How We Met

Our story starts back in 2010 at UCF. Bianca and I were both in different sororities and we played against each other in Floor Hockey weekly. During one game, I got highly competitive as always and wasn’t forgotten by Bianca after taking her out, chipping her tooth, and leaving her with some bruises. Since that day, Bianca had remembered me as that “b*tch(girl) in yellow shorts” Flash forward to 2016 and connect us to Tinder. As Bianca was scrolling through tinder, she thought she recognized me from college and she was not wrong at all. Luckily for me she wanted to meet me and see who I really am. Once she told me how she knew me, I immediately went to explaining how I am a very caring and kind person. Now we are two years in, engaged, buying a house, and excited to say “I Do” on March 30, 2019.

How They Asked

Early on into our relationship, I learned about this little place called Hopetown that was like a second home to Bianca. She actually once told me it was her dream to get engaged in the Hopetown light house and from then I had it set!Bianca and I had planned a trip to Hopetown in the Bahamas last labor day weekend just the two of us. Luckily for me, last time we were there we didn’t get good pictures at the lighthouse, so I convinced Bianca to go there over the weekend.All of this time, I am thinking I’ll be surprising her, but little did I know she had a surprise for me up her sleeve as well.We get to the lighthouse and I am so nervous that I had raced up the whole spiral of stairs; Bianca said at this time she had a feeling something was going on. I told her to close her eyes because I had a surprise for her. I got down on one knee, pulled out her ring and asked her to marry me. Before I could even put her ring on, she said, “I have a surprise for you two” and next thing I know she’s pulling out a ring for me from her bag. Sure enough this whole time we had been talking to our friends and families about proposing at the exact same place and time. We both had the most amazing dual surprise proposal with custom made rings.

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