Sandra and Emma

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how we met

Emma and I met at work almost 5 years ago. We both teach children with special needs at the same school. My first impression of Emma was that she was sweet and very friendly. So friendly, that at times I thought she was flirting with me. But I would brush it off because I didn’t think she was attracted to women. Emma and I instantly got along and became friends on a professional level. Every day I would see how much compassion she had for her students and how determined she was to see them make progress.

We began to take our friendship outside of work. We would meet for food and drinks and talk about work as well as other aspects of our lives. I got to know her not only as a colleague but as an individual. After 2 years, Emma expressed that she had romantic feelings towards me. Although I had developed romantic feelings as well, I thought it would be best to remain friends. I was very hesitant because we work at the same school and Emma had never had a relationship with a woman before. Some time went by and the chemistry between us only grew stronger. It was something I couldn’t resist anymore. It was the best decision I ever made. We will be celebrating 3 years together in January!

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How They Asked

I knew early on in our relationship that I wanted to spend my life with Emma. Emma and I love to travel and we usually watch the sunrise or sunset when we are on vacation. For this reason, I wanted to propose during the sun setting. California is one of the places we love to visit. I researched online to find the perfect spot along the beach. I also hired a photographer to capture this special moment without Emma knowing. Before we left, I asked her mom for her blessing and I made Emma a photo book of all of our trips together.

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I was so nervous the day of the proposal but I was able to keep it together. We had dinner on a rooftop overlooking the ocean. After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach. We found a spot to watch the sunset and I laid a blanket out. I gave Emma the photo book. She began to have tears in her eyes. When she got to the last page I began reciting the letter I wrote her.

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I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her “Will you spend forever with me? Emma responded “Of Course!” Derek our photographer had captured the whole moment and we took photos afterwards with the sun setting behind us. It was the happiest moment in both of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Derek Chad Photography