Samantha and Rachel

Where to Propose in At our apartment

How We Met

We met at kickboxing 2 years ago. I was new to the area and she was my new friend I adored! This is our first time in a same-sex relationship! We are each other’s first but our last <3

How They Asked

We know you love as much as we do! St. Patrick’s Day was the 3rd anniversary of our first kiss… so the day is already special for us. I was preparing to propose for months to my girlfriend. I decked out the place with gold, shamrocks, green roses and more! I spent the whole day decorating to make this day special! I took off and knew there was a possibility Rachel would want to do something special but not as special as what I prepared! I made sure I was ready extra early before her arrival. I dramatically hear the door open at 3 and close frantically.

Samantha's Proposal in At our apartment

An hour later I hear a knock on the door and a trail of shamrocks were outside the home and in all lights, the question WILL YOU MARRY ME was there! I said “No, No! Wait… I mean yes! But come inside!” She was then able to see what I prepared for her! At 4:30 PM we got down together and asked each other at the same time WILL YOU MARRY ME! Oh and get this … I was told her ring wasn’t in the night before the engagement because of COVID and it would be there later in the week. I nearly had a heart attack. I then realized the lady at the jewelry store must be confusing me with someone else… she was! She confused me with Rachel! Rachel’s ring for me will come in later in the month but hey I got a beautiful ring and fiance to hold me over until! ❤