Samantha and Arnesha

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How We Met

December 11, 2015 an unexpected thing happens that I will forever love and cherish. It was the day I laid eyes on the love of my life. I didn’t know it then but immediately I knew there was something special about her. Samantha and I were introduced back in 2010 through our mutual friend, Rho. During that time I resided in Houston and Atlanta for Samantha. Not only were we located in two different states, I was fresh out of a long term relationship that ended badly. Needless to say, our phone conversations were not enough to get things going and life got the best of us. However, I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Timing couldn’t have been worse. Ironically, I moved to Atlanta, December 2013 and never spoke to Samantha at all. We followed each other on social media but neither one of us bothered each other. So fast-forwarding to December 2015, Rho came down from Detroit to visit (my idea) as it was a right before her birthday. It wasn’t until the next day of Rho’s arrival that Sammy and I spoke on the phone, regarding weekend plans. Per our usual, we joked around and maybe a little flirting. Again, I was fresh out of a relationship but this time I was good.

I was enjoying the single life. We finally met face to face and immediately there was an instant connection. Something magical that drew us closer and closer over the weekend. After discussing our past relationships, life and our goals we discovered we were on the EXACT same page. From there, jokingly we said we were skipping stages 1-5 b/c we’ve both “been there, done that” and it’s gotten us nowhere LOL. Little did we know “our plan” would actually work! We developed this crazy bond and beautiful friendship that allowed us to be completely open and honest. And we’ve been in each other’s corner ever since. From healing old wounds to building each other back up to supporting each other’s dreams. We purchased our first home together that we were fortunate enough to basically build from the ground up. Now we’re engaged and later down the line, we will be adding to our family. Although, we’re a bit backwards, this journey has been nothing short of amazing. I’m forever grateful for those 5 years as I believe it prepared us for today. Samantha, I couldn’t ask for a better partner, mate or best friend. The wait was definitely worth it!!!!

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How They Asked

During Halloween weekend we decided to have “Girls Weekend”, inviting the women closest to us, including our mom’s, aunt’s, cousins, etc. Funny thing, we were actually the youngest in the crowd. The weekend was nothing short of amazing. The bond between our families was so incredible, I had to take a moment to myself to say, “This is it!”, and the next day I went to purchase her ring. Of course, I went through several scenarios before making a final decision on how, when, where this proposal was happening. My first thought was to propose on NYE as it’s between Christmas and her birthday. Figured, it would catch her off guard. Well… that was until I asked her to take a guess on when would I ask her to marry me, her answer “New Year’s Eve”. She crushed my dreams in two seconds but I played it off so well LOL. Thinking this woman knows me a little too well lol. So then I decided to go with December 11th – the day I laid eyes on her. I wanted everyone that was involved in our journey to be there, including our friend that started this whole thing. Initially, I was planning on proposing on the rooftop of the Georgian Terrace, only because of the scenery.

However, I decided not go that route b/c of weather uncertainty. Then a light bulb turned on, why not do it at home?! OUR home, a place we built TOGETHER! Plus it was easier to provide GREAT excuses as to why so many people were at the house. SHE FELL FOR IT J. So when it was getting close to that time, I had a friend take her to the store so the rest of us could setup everything. When they returned, she still had no idea what was going. House empty, lights off and all – still no clue.

She opened the patio door to rose petals and candles everywhere and she’s still wondering everyone was out back. Even when I got down on my knee, her exact response, “What are you doing, get up”. She finally let me get the words out and dropped down with me. I assumed I knocked her off her feet LOL.

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I had to ask, “So is that a YES?”. Perfect place, perfect ring, perfect timing, PERFECT WOMAN!!!