Sam and Allie

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How We Met

Allie and I spend most of our days on the internet, so it’s only fitting that we met on Tinder in October of 2014. It wasn’t love at first swipe, but I definitely had butterflies when I first saw her photo. She messaged me first and I’m so glad she did because I was way too nervous. We started texting every day, but Allie thought that we were just going to be friends.

Our first date was at Nocturne, a city-wide art festival that takes place every October in Halifax. We walked around the city for hours talking. The only issue was that Allie decided to wear new shoes and they were giving her blisters. Instead of walking through the pain she decided to take off her shoes and walk around the city barefoot. I was convinced she was going to catch a disease!

Neither of us wanted the night to end, so when the festival was finished we grabbed an ice cream and walked to the top of Citadel hill to talk even more. The view of the city was amazing and it was a night I’ll never forget.

It took us two weeks before we went on a second date and Allie didn’t even realize we were going on dates at first. She thought that I wanted to be her friend, but I knew I wanted to be a whole lot more.

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We’ve been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

Allie proposed on July 8, 2018, and I was SHOCKED. She had always told me that I would have to be the one to propose and I was planning on it!

I thought that we were going to a photo/video shoot, which to some people would be odd but since we’re influencers, it’s something we do all the time. We were supposed to be taking photos with our golden retriever Lily at a local off-leash park.

We walked to the rocky beach and started taking photos. Lily was in the water swimming when Allie pointed out that there was something hanging from her collar. Like the good dog she is, Lily came running right over to show me what she had. I was so confused looking at the little baggy with something inside. Suddenly it clicked and I realized it said “will you marry”, but I was too excited to read the whole thing! I spun around to find Allie down on one knee with my dream engagement ring in her hand. She didn’t really say anything romantic, she just said “Will you marry me?” and dramatically pointed at the ring.

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I didn’t answer right away because I was too busy screaming and dancing! I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life and will probably never be so surprised again!

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After I calmed down she led me down the beach to a beautifully set up picnic with gifts and sparkling wine. She thought of everything and every little detail was magical. We took photos and then spent the longest time laughing and crying together and soaking up the post engagement feelings.

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After we left the proposal spot we went to meet Allie’s parents and my parents for dinner. They both came from out of town for the occasion and it was the first time our families met! We had an amazing night and our parents hit it off (thank goodness)!

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